NARS Pop Up Outside TANGS

Saturday, 10 October 2015

less than audacious is boring — Françios Nars

NARS will be having its first ever pop-up outside TANGS Plaza, from 16 October to 22 October 2015. experience the NARS approach with NARS hong kong lead stylist, Priscilla Yu, who will be taking you through a personalised step-by-step service that speaks to Françios Nars' signature techniques, alongside feature-focused face charts. 

one-to-one makeover appointments will be available from 16 Oct to 18 Oct with Priscilla, and 19 Oct to 22 Oct with Julyen, NARS singapore lead artist/ trainer. appointments can be book via TANGS website or over the counter at the TANGS boutique. the service is at 60 SGD, and is full redeemable for NARS products. 


Launch of Converse #CHUCKII

Thursday, 8 October 2015

before the three month break ended, i made one last trip to shanghai for the launch of converse #chuckii. i have always wanted to visit shanghai for the beautiful art deco architecture and i was super (freaking) excited when i received the phone call from converse singapore. a week later, we took a 5 and a half hour flight out of singapore. the city landscape of shanghai is very modern, with stark contrast of 1930s buildings. i think this was what i loved about it, preserving heritage and telling history through architecture. oh shanghai, you have my heart. 

after checking into andaz hotel, the converse staff equipped us with a portable charger, umbrella (it was 39 degrees then) and sim card to survive the day. we explored xin tian di, previously known as shi ku men, and xin tian di style where it carries chinese designer labels — a lot of drapes, rustic and muted tones. i was very much inspired and surprised by the aesthetics they had to offer, something we lack in singapore. dinner at the liquid laundry was fancy, and so delicious. thank you for overfeeding us! 

the atmosphere of the launch was rather intense, dark yet illuminating. we picked up our new #chuckii sneakers and suited up in a disposable coverall for the #badass ink spraying enclosure. it was a crazy fun and overwhelming night. i'm still feeling incredibly blessed by the opportunity — thank you converse! just to clarify i was not paid for the trip, and yes you have my word that the #chuckii is so comfortable and worth the hype. don't forget to watch the travel video



Saturday, 3 October 2015

a better visualisation of my trip to shanghai — show some love, and do subscribe! plans of producing more videos are underway xx



Thursday, 1 October 2015

this week has been pretty rough. the sense of loss i'm currently feeling is unexplainable. well of course there is the hard disk that contains every single outfit/ travel/ creative works i've done so far and it costs 700 SGD to get back my data. ouch. seven hundred for data is honestly pretty steep for someone who just got back from a holiday. i can't help but to feel sorry for myself. i have decided to pay anyway because everything i hold dear is inside. i can't let go. which brings me to my next, if you would call it, regret. why have i not backed them up or why haven't i been uploading these photos i have photographed? what is holding me back from creating content? perhaps it is the feeling of being judged of poor photography/ content curating. not sure if it is a negative thinking or just really obsessed, but i cannot bring myself to post something that is "not good enough".

everyday we visually consume so much information, it is getting very tiring. what is next? how sustainable are we to keeping up with social media? i have to admit, this is just one of the many losses i'm facing tonight. the rest are just more personal and painful. 


Lip Hop Suncare

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Beautyfresh + Giveaway

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Brunch at Kuppa

Thursday, 13 August 2015

back track a little, i thought i should give this cafe in bangkok a little deserving mention. if you have already tried roast and karmakamet, you might want to try kuppa. the food and coffee is pretty good. 


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