Little Swing Dress

Sunday, 21 December 2014

last weekend in styledasher's black swing dress. the exaggerated silhouette was something i had to get use to after trying it on the first time. i secretly like the fact that it hides in my lunch tummy  i guess that means its rather dress perfect for buffets or weddings? decked in black as usual, i stacked on my favourite silver accessories from ho5hana. i'm currently waiting to get my hands on the new collection of aloha gaia, inspired by outer space. very excited and very broke...

i recently bought myself a rebecca minkoff mini mac bag after 10 months of contemplation. lol i don't even know how this lust dragged on for so long but i finally purchase it from shopbop, thanks to its recent 15% discount! i recall having a conversation with marc and it went like — me: i love my new rm bag! marc: why didn't you get it last feb as a birthday present? (i chose an issey miyake instead) me: because everyone has it marc: then now? me: because i still want to own one!!!!!  — oh yes rather superficial but i suppose this is one of those basic bitches bag everyone needs! right? i'm not a huge fan of the  bag chain though.

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Conrad Reinvents the Classic Gin and Tonic

Sunday, 14 December 2014

a couple weeks back, i was introduced to conrad's contemporary twist of gin and tonic (20 SGD). seated at lobby lounge, bartender Leo from proof and company did his magic. briefly introducing the history of gin and tonic and subsequently matching artisanal tonics and botanicals to create our drinks.

there are two types of gin and tonic  modern and traditional. the modern consist of french gin, artisanal imperial tonic, lavender and orchids. while the traditional is a mix of london dry gin, artisanal bruma tonic, citrus and botanicals. both were served on a black stone tray adorned with a fresh orchid, stirred table side by a server. the whole conrad experience transport one to an era where indulgence and sophisticated elegance were a way of life. hashtag decadence. 

thanks for the lovely afternoon conrad singapore and nuffnang singapore. it was an eye opening experience and cheers to a new found love for gin and tonic!

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Saturday, 6 December 2014

last month i was pretty blessed and honestly thrilled to receive my first samsung galaxy alpha courtesy of zalora singapore and samsung. knowing my favourite metal, they gave me the frosted gold version. the collaboration was timely too, as it came in extra handy since i'm currently handling a couple of instagram accounts. 

highlighting two key specifications  firstly the galaxy alpha 4G+ gives you 4G+ LTE Cat 6 capability at 3X the speed of LTE Cat 3, which means incredibly fast browsing and downloading.

second, the fingerprint security allows you to hide your personal files with a swipe of your finger. i think this feature is really convenient to have, i mean we all have moments and pictures we would like to keep private. or perhaps in a more serious note, we have business plans and ideas that we would not want any accessibility by others.

the phone is extremely slender (6.7mm thin) and it is the slimmest galaxy till date. the slim and compact design slips into pockets and slim clutches — it is effortless and does not create a nasty phone bulge.

one of my favourite feature is the ultra power saving mode. it minimises battery consumption by shutting down all unnecessary features, allowing extended battery life — so frugal and life saving. it might actually save you a lot of trouble finding power sockets while you are on the run. 

putting the galaxy alpha 4G+'s 12MP advance camera to use — we tried the selective focus which creates a depth of field effect and the photo quality is amazing. now this kinda makes me wonder if there is really a need for me to lug my DSLR around anymore. other camera features include the beauty mode, fast autofocus and real time HDR.

the samsung galaxy alpha also checks and monitors the heart or stress rate using an embedded sensor, something i check occasionally out of curiosity. i personally find the frosted gold is a rather versatile and chic metal. this light pink satin midi skirt from river island complements the phone nicely. huge thank you again to zalora singapore and samsung for the phone and new experiences!

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Go Big with Shopbop

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

currently on my wanted list, from left to right — Dion LeeMaison Kitsuné and For Love & Lemons.  ever since i started shopping on shopbop, not only did my encyclopedia of brands increased but i am exposed to so many international and talented labels. constantly finding design inspiration, and constantly waiting for new arrivals. not kidding. go big this holiday with shopbop with their generous discounts. this is one deal you would not want to miss. don't forget to shop for gifts for your loved ones over at their gift boutique



Thursday, 6 November 2014

my recent stash of indulgence featuring opening ceremony mini paloma tech clutch from shopbop, female magazine, samsung alpha 4G+ in frosted gold and mini almond courtesy of magnum singapore! p/s. share with us your favourite indulgent moment and tag @magnumsg #pleasurewhenever and you could be one of the 10 winners of a magnum mini pleasure kit. good luck!

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