Oh, Paisley

photos by marc 

i have been waiting for this moment - newly acquired paisley pants from styledasher. my heart sank when i first saw it at work, sank the second time when it fitted me like a glove. ps: not even being dramatic about it. boho pants calls for boho accessories loving hence the wooden earrings and random beads strung around my neck.

its 2am now. back to swerk (no not really, i'm watching legend of hercules online)


STClassifieds R.E.D Alert

last month, i was invited by stclassifieds to attend their r.e.d alert flea event at the suntec convention hall. stclassifieds is an online marketplace where consumers can sell to consumers. there are a huge product variety ranging from fashion apparels to domestic services. i used to flea a lot when i was younger, so you can imagine my hunting senses were on. 

my itinerary that day was to meet 3 brands who have kindly sponsored me / scroll below for video

first booth i visited was when i createcurated by wendy. her whimsical and decorative products that ranges from home deco to stationeries are sourced from different parts of the world, its so interesting because even though its sourced from different parts of the world, the look and image is still so uniform and true to the voice of when i create. will do another blog post on the items i have so generously received (spoiler: she gave me a mini tin suitcase!) 

moving on to mgplabel, a brand that has been selling affordable and good quality fashion apparels since 2006. i had the freedom to pick out 3 items (i have already done one look here) of my choice. i immediately scanned around the booth and would touch anything thats black or white. i also picked out a flora sundress (i know, surprise!) but hey, i'm in the midst of planning my krabi trip outfits ok and i need ALL the summer dresses i can get my hands on.  

lastly, i was introduced to autium jewellery. with over 40 years of experience in the related fields, they were the first company to fuse gold and titanium. i love / couldn't take my eyes off the liquid gold rings! 

go watch the video! i'm after 1:15 sec :-) and thank you again to stclassifieds for the opportunity! defo had fun xx

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 necklace and jeans ℅ bxtwxxn | heels: jeffery campbell 

saturday morning quick errand running before i head off to another beauty event organised by shiseido - i have so many overdue blog posts / freebies i have received from the company, i'm feeling tad guilty not to share with you guys!

yay - i finally have my hands on a pair of distressed denim jeans! styled with a white mandarin collar shirt, and lucite heels. i think the key to pulling off baggy jeans is to wear heels as it will elongate your legs. i get questions on whether i have found my perfect denim jeans - well not exactly. theres still some alterations needed to be done, else it'll look terribly baggy on me (hashtag petite problems). bxtwxxn has brought in loads of distressed denims on their pre order site, hope you managed to find your perfect pair :-)

oh and, i'm not sure if you noticed but this set of images were edited differently as compared to my previous outfit posts. i kinda find it slightly too warm for my liking :-( its so frustrating because it looks ok on my mac, but when i upload it onto blogger the colour is so meh. love it hate it?


Wheeler's Yard

i suppose its sooner or later thing that marc and i would end up here for brunch, its italicised because we didn't exactly have brunch here. we ordered the big breakfast and iced latte for formality purposes (lol). truth be told, we are just here for the overused electric blue gate haha. love the location nonetheless! 


MGP - Little Black Dress

dress ℅ mgplabel 
photos by marc

j'adore a little black dress with a twist to it. i'm a huge fan of good quality apparels and cuttings - and mgplabel definitely surprised me. i was introduced to the label at the stclassified event that was held last weekend at suntec (more on that soon!), and i'm so thankful that they chose me to carry their brand. when it comes to dressing, i consider practicality as one of the important factor and thus this is reflected in the clean and fuss free look i wear daily.

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