Happy lunar new year

Monday, 23 January 2012

credit: Dad
{mandarin collar top from justamaze.com | denim shorts | suede pumps from Aldo}
currently at Dad's place waiting for my relatives to visit, thought i'd blog while Dad's preparing lunch. after which i'll meet Mom to visit her relatives at cck (omg so far zzz). every year cny is a love hate situation for me. i love the red packets, snacks and spirit! but i hate how i can't be both side at one point of time. being a divorced kid sucks sometimes. yesterday i overheard a conversation exchanged between my mom and a church friend, it went like "is your daughter joining you for reunion dinner tonight?" it felt really awkward for me, it felt like i'm to be blame for not being able to join my mom for reunion dinner. but it's not like i can do anything about it? am i suppose to ditch my dad and leave him alone? no? SIGH OK WHATEVER!!! HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! HUAT AH!!! $$$_$$$


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