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Friday, 30 March 2012

finally a trip to the art science museum for the Titanic & Andy Warhol: 15 minutes external exhibition. the last time i went there was in August 2011 where i visited Salvatore Dali's and Van Gogh's. i really love the exhibits they bring in: Warhol, Dali, Gogh were a few of the names i grew up with during my sec 3 and 4 days. i'm so inspired by their works/ their outlook on life/ how they were influence/ what they were thinking and feeling when they produce a particular piece. all so intriguing.

i'm an official sucker for sceneries like this
 spotted a cute couple on bike 
mm and you, thank you for helping me take these shots 
shot of a replicated "iceberg" i took at the titanic exhibition

the titanic exhibition was good. but not exactly fantastic. there were a lot of readings needed to be done, and my eyes hurt after awhile :( and there were a whole lot of  nautical related jargon that came to a point where it became too tedious to dictionary app the words. however though, i really love the remake of scenes like the bedroom, stairs, porch. amazing details and effort put in! guess i'm more of a visual person *_* swore i spiraled into a mini depression when i found that my second class ticket holder and her lover died :(

here's my version of popism hahahahaha ok hi please don't judge. mm i'm just mind blown from Andy Warhol exhibition. from the dotted drawings to silkscreen printing....and the silver factory. beautiful. and Warhol's quotes are such an inspiration and well thought.

"i like boring things"

"i always wished i had died, and i wish that, because i could have gotten the whole thing over with"

"they always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself"

"i never fall apart, because i never fall together"

prices are now going at $24 for locals, $28 for tourists - for two exhibitions, which i find it worth while. trust me. for more details visit: :) really can't wait for the Harry Potter's exhibition coming to Sg in 2 June!!!!



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