Wednesday, 4 April 2012

here's a total "i'm running on nothing but caffeine" shot. had my usual (white chocolate mocha frap) from Starbucks! 
{Topshop chalky print flippy tunic $59 | Jeffery Campbell Maddow | H&M socks}
Jacq's arm candies 
top and bottom from Dorothy Perkins
them boys (we literally gave nicknames to every guy based on their outfit. spot carrot and superman ^^)
(this is what 1.5 hours of sleep has done to my eye bags) - i ain't a campus geek! 
Jacq signing up for F3 lite membership
them boys got a wardrobe make over! hahaha all lookin' like pimps
Jacq's wardrobe make over! i really liked the denim vest and scarf they threw on!
i look like a kid from the Brooklyn streets. homies representz.
amazing stylist from topshop, who pieced together most of them girls' outfits! 
saw this quirky pair along the streets of Orchard, transparent boots and fun socks yes maybe you r doing it right
scored some $10 shopping vouchers at the event. Jacq and I went to knightsbridge to do some gift shopping and check this lovely body piece from Topshop. my new obsession!!! 

i'm officially exhausted. been on a sick mind obsession to be exhausted and all. and this is peak. ok maybe this is me running away from reality/ i realize i always do this. point is running on 1.5 hours of sleep and maybe...say 3 cups of coffee has indefinitely smothered me. i'll be turning in early tonight for once. it's 2.45am by the way. shall resume all the photo uploading tmr. i need my rest :'( good night    


  1. babe how do you sign up to work for H&M?

    1. Oh i saw some RTs on job openings at H&M before they officially opened. called the person in charge and went for the interview! are you interested to work there? if you are you, check out http://about.hm.com/sg/workingathm__career.nhtml for more details :)

  2. Do you sell secondhand clothes?

    1. hi :) i actually do, its at http://decadentdramashop.tumblr.com/ but there's limited selection, have yet to update it!


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