Sunday, 1 April 2012

Have you ever been in the situation where by you meet a few new friends and you don't know what to have for lunch that would suit everyone's taste. i was in that situation today. they say food brings people together, i guess they said it right.

Met Polly, Win and Iain this Sunday afternoon for lunch. we drove down to Cineleisure and parked at the mall's car park. for those driving down, you may want to do a little research to maybe save cost?: view here

I had a huge craving for Japanese Shabu Shabu (oh god, whenever i think or hear of "shabu shabu", the scene of myself staying at a Japanese family's home back in 2007, dipping thin sliced wagyu beef into peanut sauce pops into my mind). so we headed to #04-01, Wa Japanese Shabu Shabu. thereafter, we spent a good 15 minutes deciding on what to eat. we wanted quality food with minimal damage to the pockets, and we realized that Wa Japanese Shabu Shabu could not satisfy that criteria.

As, Ina Garten (host of the Food Network program: Barefoot Contessa): "Food is not about impressing people. It's making them comfortable."

Thus, we finally decided on (Iain: mainstream) PastaMania!
8 Grange Road, #02-23 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 
Telephone: +6567371379

Opening hours 
Sunday to Thursday: 10.30am - 10.30pm
Friday to Saturday: 10.30 - 3am 

we ordered combo A (drinks, garlic bread, soup) at a top up of $4.90
and combo B (drinks, soup) at a top up of $3.70

did take a picture of the soup, but it doesn't look too appealing so i didn't upload it up :( but still, i really like PastaMania's minestrone :) 
Basil Chicken Aglio $6.90 
minced chicken, basil, chilli and garlic tossed in olive oil

whenever i dine at PastaMania, i would order this dish other than the fact that i don't really fancy their carbonara or tomato sauce, i really like the mini slightly salted chicken bits and the bits of spices. i love spicy food. if i was to be given another choice to select, i would choose Vongole with soup broth! Yummy.
Win ordered Beef Pastrami $7.90
beef pastrami, onion and diced tomatoes in oyster cream sauce 
Polly ordered Turkey Bacon Aglio Olio $7.70
turkey bacon, chilli, garlic and diced tomatoes tossed in olive oil 
Tiramisu $4.40
a classic Italian dessert (non-alcoholic) 

this dessert is SO YUMMY. it's coffee based. so coffee lovers....yknow what to order ;) 

PastaMania also provide deliveries! Go to: 
Also do you know that you can order through their iPhone and Android app! 


after lunch, headed for a little shopping at H&M and then to Win's crib
1. cosmo 2. burberry watch 3. ck eyebrow definer pencil + sharpener 4. canon camera casing 5. iPhone


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  1. Loveee your bag! May I know where you got it from? (:

    1. Hi! haha thank you :) i bought it on asos. search: Aldo Fell Buckle Satchel

  2. Hey where did you get your lovely blazer from? I absolutely love it!!!

    1. Hello :) i got them from editors market back in feb '12, not sure if they still have it though :( it came in white too!


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