Thursday, 19 April 2012

I don't know how i should begin my post with. i wanted to start off with a hello i just showered, but no scratch, that its too overused. i wanted i absolutely loathe school, but still, scratch that i sound too depressed.

So here i am, clean, homework completed and just, overtiring myself so i will fall asleep like a baby later. its difficult to fall asleep lately i don't know why. maybe i'm needing the good night love you text, and maybe i'm missing you. no wait, actually the idea of you, the idea of us. not you physically. just the idea. i like ideas. i think ideas make you go completely berserk at times, and yet completely sane and satisfied. mm ideas.

So here's a few highlights of my (mid) week:

1. finally got myself a mac book - paying for myself! #notapamperedkid

2. studio shoot!
lol fucking thick make up 
had korean food after shoot with parents and relatives! yummy food + fucking good customer service at Big Mama - yay to yummy kimchi just 10 mins away from my place (didn't take much pictures bc my camera batt died poo)

2 Kim Tian Road, S(169244)

3. outfit shoot with Ling, still processing so hang on! be posting them up by the end of this week :)

4. met Polly ♡ after my 0800-1200 lecture! did brows/ window shopped at Balenciaga/ chilled at Starbucks
QT 3.142 cup holder Polly bought for me 

Ok bed time! xo

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