Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Yay, guess what arrived this morning :') 
jeffery campbell maddow in red leather 
dr martens page velvet 8 eyed boots
meet my two new best friends when school reopens *v*

never thought i would be getting my second pair of both jeffery campbell and dr martens this soon. was clicking off solestruck sales page, filtered to only show US5 shoes. and there they were waiting for me at only USD99.95 and USD129.95 :')

been searching for cut outs for quite awhile now. wanted to get jeffery campbell's coltrane but i found replicated ones at editors market :( and coltrane's price were similar to my fur litas. poor kid here man :( so yeah was q happy to find maddow on a 20+% off usual price (probably bc it's the last piece) 

and these black velvet dr martens are such eye candies. was so surprise to find dr martens producing US5. they normally sell US7/8 in flagship stores and duh obviously it's too big. so finding sizes been a chore since ever. and the plus point is that the price is not as steep as compared to the ones found in Singapore. 

Tip: try not to get Dr Martens in Singapore as they can cost q a bomb + they do not have the latest designs! i bought my first pair in Hong Kong at only $150 in Sept 2011, and they only ship in the same design to Singapore 2 months later at $216! (wtf even shopping at the official website is way cheaper after shipping fee!)

Cost break down: 

as for me, i'm quite lucky to find shoes that doesn't give me anal blisters. ok other than my fucking aldo and steve maddens. but for everyday wear, i never get blisters. so that's something i really gotta thank God for. and well investing on a pair of Jeffery Campbell or Dr Martens is well worth because they never give me blisters ever (unless you get the wrong sizes or smth idk lol/ either that or just wear socks!?!!) 

hehe hope u r able to find good deals on solestruck too *v*


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