walking rover

Saturday, 28 April 2012

{top and skirt from hm} 
photos by henry

took rover out for a walk (he iz fat boy now!!!) today after business law. on my way back, i imagined light breeze, and minimum uv rays. thus deciding on a long flowy (flowy isn't a word btw) skirt from hm. hoping to catch some 'golden moments' while at it. finally its friday. finally. feeling way too exhausted from school. i know school just started and all, but way too much retarded dramas happened this week and i'm already in need of a break. i really hate school. period.

my friday night was spent simple: iced caramel macchiato + 2.5 hours at liat towers Starbucks editing the above pictures. hope you like them. isn't rover adorable, i love him so much  ahhh...gon be hitting the showers now. have a good night :)


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