come, morning light

Sunday, 27 May 2012

photos by henry and i

come, morning light. you and i'll be safe and sound. stuck on replay. the balding trees somewhat reminds me of the hunger games. somewhat forgotten and forlorn, left to fend. what ghost town this place has become.

can't get enough of them electric blue + white color combination ◠‿◠ it has this very royal/ calm/ chill feel to it. meow. i'm back, obsessed with maxi dresses - i actually hate the term "maxi dresses" reminds me very much of the maxim magazine. and i went on to google "why is it called maxi dresses" and here's why. am i the only one who's been feeling this way?

seen here is a white tube dress bought on my 17th birthday. worn over is a electric blue blouse tied and shorten into a crop top. mom's vintage sling bag and diva feathered earrings.

have a good weekend and thank you reading :)


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