its raining watercolor

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

photos by henry, marcus and me 

everywhere is flooded with flora prints tops shorts this that, that it came to a point where it started to irk me. nothing seems special/ unique enough to be term as classic. oh zara has done it again. watercolor flora prints shorts from zara. guess nothing came close to this. swear this pair of shorts been worn way too many times for the past week, i literally wore my whole wardrobe with it #justkidding #badjokes. its 2:17am and i can't write anything smart/ pretty brain dead considering the fact that i had to condense 100+ slides into notes and into my brain. i think i'm becoming stupid as the day passes, in desperate need to pick up a book soon. 

till then. good night. and have a good week ahead :) 


  1. Hi how much is your Zara shorts? And where did you got your black top!! :)

    1. hey :) mmm i purchased my zara shorts at 59.90 (kids section), and my black top is from korea

  2. sorry, may i knw what size are you wearing for the heels?


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