White Wash

Monday, 25 June 2012

dress: bugis | shoes: dr martens | bag: mango | arm: diva, juicy couture, hm

accompanied the boy to print jane's poster in the early afternoon (under the merciless weather) before repaying sleep debts at his place in the afternoon. had tom yam soup for the second consecutive meal! i love thai food *v* ok random 

so anyway little talk about the outfit. been in love with anything white lately and this dress is quite perfect. was doing a little "hope" shopping with marcus the other day at bugis, on a search for more affordable clothes rather than just mindless spendings on brands like topshop and zara which are causing me to be beyond broke. bought this dress at a whooping $14! *brb popping champagne to celebrate* <- lol


en route to jane's 21st at the esparis 
steve aoki fied us
sir cupcake


  1. Hi, what size is your octavius dr. marts? :) and by any chance are you considering selling them?

    1. hello! octavius is size 37. went ahead to purchase them despite the size difference. and nooooo sorry i won't be selling them, bc they have sentimental value to me :(

  2. Hey! which shop in specific did you get your white dress from? i really love it!

    thank you :D

    1. hey dear, i don't rmb which shop i bought it from though, its at level 1! i'm considering to sell it away, email me if you're interested? : )


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