Sunday, 1 July 2012

giving potpourris have always been a mini tradition to me since the secondary school days. i know its the most useless gift ever, but i love how pretty and calm it makes me feel every time i look at the bottles and bowls (trust me i owned quite a few) at home. thought i'd share my new (back then) found serenity, to the ones i love, and ever since i started giving i never actually stopped. 

the second bottle was filled up with gummies ♡
laid down: empty bottle, 4 packets of gummies, scissors, two empty bowls and a pair of chopsticks (hygiene purposes) 
don't they just make you hungry, hehe. i guess marco and i get hungry like real quickly and that supper is a must at times. and you know how our parents hate us going out too late at times, so to minimize unhappiness and allll. hopefully the gummies bottle will accompany him through the night hehe (omg why i so mushy mushy on my blog *_* omg so shy now)


happy first month silly boy 


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