cyan cat

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

photos by henry
dress c/o | blazer: cotton on | clutch: victoria jomo (but its rly from bkk) | heels: aldo 

"when in doubt, put on a dress" my exact sentiments. my kind of dress whereby i need to get a quick change and head out pronto. its one of those nice cutting dresses that shows the shapely figure just right, with a ribbon at the back (not shown, my bad!) whereby the tightness of the dress can be adjusted. feat pussies who invaded my shoot midway. well least its totally in sync with the cat printed dress (oh relevant) meow


  1. Cool cats! <3 I love the colors of your blazer :)

    xx Diana

  2. For me, when I'm in a rush, blazers never fail to make things better, so I quite like how here the dress and blazer pull each other together. Hope you had a good day! xx

    1. hey dear thanks for sharing! yes totally agree that blazers always make the outfit more presentable. hehe have a good day too ♡


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