gold dust

Saturday, 11 August 2012

photos by henry 

dress: zara | bag: miumiu | shoes: salvatore ferragamo

never thought of falling for this shift dress from zara kids till a friend urge me to try it on back in 2010. i especially love the button details giving a tint of british royal. its such a perfect dress for any occasion, also simple to match and play around with. though sadly its material used is quite thick and hence i'd suffocate in this weather (well recently).

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don't be mean. love y'all.


  1. Hi babe, do you know where to get cheap circular geek specs with black/brown lens

    1. definitely bangkok but well, i think bugis sells 'em fine too :-)

  2. love the dress. :)

  3. cute! love the black and white collab :)


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