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Thursday, 23 August 2012

in the midst of clearing and found a couple of shirts in the drawer classified as - shirts deem fit only for home viewing - cloths that i wear solely at home; consisting class tee shirts, jerseys and camp shirts. just basically really big baggy comfortable tops thats good for sleeping in. found this top in the whole mess, not exactly fitting the bill of comfortable and decided to use it for experiment

and since i've been trying to save up for bangkok (paying for my expenses ok), thus i haven't been shopping much (which took a lot of self fishing control on my part) - well cut the long story short, grab an old shirt that you aren't ready to give away and cut it up, took me a minute or two
shirt i bought at a flea few years back for $2! i think
need (stating the real obvious):
1. shirt
2. scissors
3. inspiration and originality

step one: cut away the collar. play around with round neck/ v neck whatever style suits ya :-) step two: cut off the sleeves! you can also customize the length of the sides - from well, modest to revealing of bra strap and skin which i'd like to call it the nastygal way. add in some studs around the ex collar area if you like
viola. not that tough to handle yes? burn some time, save some cash, rewear what you've bought and reminisce the first time you fell in love with the shirt, have fun xx


  1. Cute shirt! <3 Hmm, here in Philippines, what you called the clothes that's for home viewing only is "pambahay". My pambahay are uglier than that I think, ripped with some holes. LOL!

    xx Diana

    1. what a cute name! pam ba hay. aww please, this is just one of the prettiest top i found. trust me i have worst.

  2. haha you're so creative! The last picture on the left looks like you've got scallop trimmed sleeves! Gonna try them out!!

    1. haha hey jas, scallop trimmed sleeves sounds like a great idea too! can't wait to see your creation hehe *v*


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