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Monday, 13 August 2012

photos by marcus
sweater: H&M x VERSACE | pants: H&M

toughening up the inner little solider in me. the month of august will be a battle between exams and me. i finally woke to reality and realizing my grades are well, going down hill. no kid. you can say i'm at cross roads. i'm torn between reality and dreams. mmm cliche. i'm torn between the fact that i've lost interest in what i'm doing or so i've thought. or maybe i'm just heavily influenced by others, or how fortunate they are doing what they like and how i wish i could live their life instead. maybes and ors. or maybe i'm just not seeing the full picture of what God is doing with my life. hopefully something good will turn out. or maybe i'll die young. whatever it is i need to survive. well pardon me for the series of tilting head moments, i can't help myself to when i'm trying to feel all donatella versace/ andy warhol. and mmm, marcus's estate is sucha pretty place to take picture at. 


  1. Love those pants- actually love this whole look. Those sunnies have been popping up everywhere and you are completely rocking them. Good luck for those exams :) They are little buggers but it'll be worth it in the long run.


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