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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

well hello. i'm currently in the midst of my exams and finally found some time to post the happenings of my personal life. i've 3 more (very tough) papers to conquer, and i'll officially be done with year 3 semester 1. YAY. ok time for major visuals update.

school of hospitality award ceremony (17/8)
with marissa claire ♡  us getting all hyped and nervous for the event
photos taken by marco
exhibition management facilitator 
dress: H&M | heels: DMK(very extremely comfortable!)

raya (19/8) dad and i headed my cousin's place on the first day of hari raya. i love malay food, they are always cooked delicious. especially the redang ♡_♡ 
meet my super duper cute niece, alaniah hehe she's mixed chinese + malay

dinner at tak po with the girls (23/8)
tak po | 42 smith street | singapore 058954
must try: rice roll with prawn
bible study girls 
embracing chinese food with the church girls. had business law revision in the afternoon/ study bit in school (hence the backpack :P) before heading down to chinatown for dinner at tak po, as recommended by melody. food's pretty good but price wise little steep. worth trying though!

was asked by Ling to be the model for a willy foo's photography class (26/8) so grateful to this girl for this opportunity. here are some behind the scene shots taken by marcus. no prize for guessing where the classes were held at (zomg had so many people staring/ taking pictures of me i feel so..........) 

happy soon to be midweek! 


  1. will you be receiving those photos? They look great with the background shots already!!

    1. i probably will be! will post 'em up if i receive them ok :-)

  2. Hey what your Gpa Pts to receive the scholarships? :)

    1. hello :) GPA has gotta be 3.5 and above to apply. then after that you gotta go through interviews etc to be selected for the scholarship

  3. Wa.. so you're one of the top student also haha my gpa only 3.38. -.-

    Continue rocking too! I see you're doing great in your modelling passion, most of the popular models all 1.7+, you could be the first one to break that convention with your confidence and charisma. ;)

  4. The food looks really yummy haha. Good luck with the rest of your papers, almost there! (:

    1. it is very! hehe aww thanks honey that's so sweet of you :)


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