Bangkok Bound

Saturday, 15 September 2012

finally back at my favorite country, bangkok for some chilling and shopping, but this time solely with the companionship of friends. no parents supervision whatsoever. i think everything was pretty well under control.  

as said, this trip wasn't sponsored by my parents or anything. everything was pretty budget. flight ticket + accommodation was less than $300. $297 to be exact. i think marco and i deserved a pat on the back for finding such affordable accommodations ^_^ 

day 1 
bought two way tickets form tiger airlines (my first time flying with them) - was pretty skeptical initially but i thank God everything went smoothly no delays whatsoever. flight tickets = $197 

1. plan in advance, to purchase cheaper flight seats. we were a week late from the $20+ flight ticket back to sg promotion :( 

2. decide on a timing that isn't too rush/ early/ too late. timing nearest to a 11am flight, and night flight about 9pm back is definitely preferable. 
advised by a friend, i bought prepaid card while i was there. paid $12 (marco paid $4) for unlimited internet for a week. whats more you can switch on your hotspot for the benefit of your friends who can then tap onto it ;-)
after checking in to city lodge soi 19, we headed to siam in search for food and some shopping! decided on doo dee restaurant. loving the tom yam soup and cute bear shaped rice 
must try: thai iced milk tea 
after some insane walking (didn't take much pictures of the shopping streets because half the time i was more afraid of getting my camera or wallet stolen), at about 9 close to 10. marco and i decided to have supper at grand hyatt erawan, while uli and nigel headed back to the hotel. its sorta like an every year tradition for my dad and i to continue when we're in bangkok. this is our must go restaurant to get our beef noodle fix 
 grand hyatt erawan's beef noodle in thick soup 
mango sticky rice ♡ 
raining on the first night in the streets of bangkok 

read on for day 2 and 3 for more of our food and shopping adventure 

day 2 
brunch at fuji restaurant! located at terminal 21 (asok btr), level 4. so delighted it was just a 3 mins walk from the hotel! fuji japanese restaurant provides japanese food as good as our local sakae sushi/ sushi tei at affordable prices.
♡ FUJI CHA ♡ had a bottle of this fix everyday! even bought 2 bottles back (hahahaha) wish they sell it in singapore :(
visited the grand palace! took a cab there because its pretty inaccessible. paid 300 baht from sukhumvit (we paid 100 baht more btw aka got cheated) 
marco doing his wingardium leviosa thing #indiekid4life
group photo 
after dinner in the evening, we headed to mr jones orphanage (thong lo btr, soi 13) for some chilling highly recommended by ladyironchef! major kudos to nigel for doing his research and bringing us to mr jones. 

was extremely thrilled when i stepped in, we were greeted by a (really pretty thai girl) huge wooden carousal.  loved the attention paid to perfect every bit of the details. from its whimsical furnishing, fluffy teddy bears seated on every bench to the food presentation. we enjoyed our time at mr jones cafe so much we went back on our last day!
innovative way of menu design 
after a whole day of walking, we decided to go for leg massage! since they were a plentiful along the streets, we chose one that was affordable and available, and landed at this blue uniform (i'm not quite sure of the store name!) massage parlour. my first ever leg massage in bangkok experience was amazing, and what we singaporeans like to call it "shiok". plus its so so so worth it: $10 for an hour.

was initially pretty scared of the pain (bad experience at bintan, don't ask) that i didn't dare to try it out till this trip. realized i've been missing out so much :'( the masseuses' hands were really soft i just went *oooOooOoomg* the moment she cleansed my feet. ok i sound like a perv now, but their hands are really soft and so gentle *_* 

day 3
brunch at the street stall next to our hotel, hello 45 baht chicken noodles
haha so cute the stall owner posed for me. ok so after makan, we were all charged for chatukchak! 
while getting my iphone screen protector done for $4 
marco bought a total of 4 squid sticks that day - yes it was indeed very delicious 

we headed back to our hotel to put my shopping down, washed up and cabbed to khao san for dinner!
snacked on pad thai sold at the streets of khao san 
after snapping this shot, few minutes later marco and i witnessed an epic fight. another pad thai selling lady used a frying laddle to fight with another store owner who tried to protect herself with a plastic chair. some eurasian tried to stepped in, but instead he got injured by the frying ladle. LOL OK MOVING ON. 
dinner at the marconi club, they really provided immaculate services, and the food served is so so good 
they won an award for their tom yam 
must try: thai local fish. this yummy cost only $10 

[to be continued: currently drafting up day 4 and 5 


  1. omooo your post makes me wanna go bangkok! NOWWW ><

    1. haha don't you have UK to go!

    2. food and shopping probably cannot compare. haha

    3. hahaha maybe, i think london's flea is way better as compared to singapore's!

  2. hi! may i know which hotel you stayed at?

    1. city lodge soi 19. its minutes away from sukhumvit btr! but i wouldn't exactly recommend this hotel unless you're on a really tight budget >_<


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