Sunday, 30 September 2012

 details of my arm candy:

photos by marcus 
french beret in wine: zha huo dian | striped top: uniqlo | wine leather skirt: bangkok | cat watch: bangkok

what i wore to church today, followed by chicken rice + raw fish for lunch at sin kee famous chicken rice located at mei ling food center. one of my favorite places i go for my chicken rice fix. my sunday pretty much spent simple. watched mtv, snacked on seaweeds, walked rover, dinner and some family time.

i really prefer spending time at home, now that i'm working. home is definitely the best place to be at when you're in need of comfort (just had the worst week at work, cried for four consecutive days. nothing to be proud of, and it has not made me any stronger. sigh in devastation) with this, i doubt my capability. i should stop rambling and sleep early tonight. good night folks.

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