How to Prepare: Bird's Nest Soup

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

mom recently made bird's nest soup for the family, and aww! she took the liberty of asking me to take photos of the process as she thought that i could maybe blog about it. 

mom's a pretty social media post-every-food-that-we-consume pictures obsessed. its so extremely cute and light hearted to see her so engaged in what she's doing. compiling and decorating her pictures with fonts, hearts and various emoji faces. 

and although mothers' day has long passed, i think, these are the little things in life you can do to show your appreciation to your parents and grandparents, anyone dear to you for that matter. 

step 1: purchase a box of bird's nest. my mom bought them from hock hua, she recommends to purchase it from a reliable shop/ source so as to prevent you from getting cheated

step 2: when snapping a picture to instagram, be alert of your pet dog's (if you own one) sniffing, and curious licking. this step is actually redundant but i'll mention it anyway because my poodle deserves a second of fame for being so cute hehehe....

step 3: pour about 4-5 (rice sized) bowls of water into a bigger bowl. soak desired pieces of bird's nest into distilled, room temperature water for 1 hour.

step 4: after an hour of soaking, the bird's nest should look loosen and jelly-like. transfer both water and bird's nest into a porcelain pot (shown in step 5)

step 5:
  • prepare a double boiler
  • fill the external pot with less than half of the height of the internal pot
  • add 3 table spoon of small cubed white rock sugar 
  • boil for 2 hours

step 6: enjoy your home stew bird nest :-)


before i end off, here's some collected tips from my mom, and google

tip: it is said, that bird's nest is best consumed at either room temperature or chilled, and on an empty stomach (before heading to bed).

tip: start preparing at about 8 in the evening. the whole process takes about 3 hours, and once done it'll be 11 or so. perfect for bed time. after drinking up your bird's nest soup, head to bed. this way you can ensure maximum absorption.


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