Once Upon a Tutu Dress

Friday, 26 October 2012

pretty sure most of us faces similar situations: you gotta be out all day attending lunch & dinner events. meeting two groups of friends, having a good time and spamming pictures....but well in the same outfit? first world pains. i know. 

today i'll be posting up two simple and achievable looks with the help of one black dress. i mean, instead of bringing an extra set (top, bottom) how about just packing in an extra outer wear? 

day look w/ white blazer c/o iscrewedyourboyfriend (seen here)

night look w/ H&M military blazer  

photos by marcus (instagram: markamura)
dress: H&M | shoes: styledasher | moms' bag: m)phosis

don't know about you, but i hope my point was taken. intrigued by the idea on how the different colors, texture and details can change the whole setting - say casual to formal in this context. you can also try alternating between lipstick colors (i.e. pink to red)

though i'm not seen often in, i secretly like the idea of wearing full black. and i wouldn't say i love dressing in colors but they do make me happy. speaking of happy, (totally random story to lengthen this post) i found this velvet mesh tutu frock dress last year at the H&M staff sales. the tutu inspired skirt reminds me of the ballerinas' grace and poise. and how regretful i am right now to have dropped it in primary school due to math tuition that didn't helped (told you this was random) ok bed time for me. i hate working on public holidays. good night. 


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