peperoni pizzeria

Monday, 15 October 2012

one of my favorite italian restaurant thus far, would definitely be peperoni pizzeria. ever since a friend brought me out to dinner at the greenwood's outlet. i've been in love with the pasta and pizza served there. 

believe me, when i say i'm not an exact food risk taker. i don't like it when i order a dish and it tastes bad. i believe that good food sets one's day (this is why breakfast is important, though i don't have time for it) main point: i order the same dishes faithfully. my usuals would be: salmone pizza and vongole. 

with that being said, dad decided to go with the whole try something new theory, and me willingly embracing it. here we are. introducing: prosciutto crudo di parma ($24), in short it means really good tasting slightly salted parma ham thin crusted pizza topped with raw vegetables and cheese (i think)

finally satisfying my month-long craving for squid ink pasta. i don't get why rumours, a italian restuarant in semiyak, doesn't serve them. anyhow, its my first time trying it out here, i would say its pretty okay. about a 7/10. totally missing the squid ink pasta i tried in four seasons hotel at bangkok.

this unappealing mess left my tongue inked (!PUN!) once finished. so unglam but i don't really care *sticks inked (!PUN!)/ black tongue out* by the way, does anyone by any chance have fabulous recommendations to where i can get some squid ink pasta loving? need. to. find.
in my utmost sincere opinion -> this mushroom soup is below average and cold. we also tried the minestrone soup which was o k a y. trust me, marks and spencer's can soup taste wayyy better 

and hello! to the must order | never fails to complete my day vongole. i love vongole. but pastamania's leaving me disappointed at times, when they switched to homemade broth instead of white wine. whatever it is, i'm way too contented to found this treasure tasting. i may sound exaggerating, but i'm totally not. its so delicious and perfect, especially the white wine. mmhmm. p/s the calms are well hidden underneath the linguine. 

couldn't ask for more: spending my sunday afternoon after church, celebrating marco's birthday in advanced with my parents. back to work life tmr. in 7 hours to be exact. grr all this food blogging is seriously making me hungry again. better turn in now, good night.


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