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Thursday, 4 October 2012

photos by marcus (instagram: markamura)

decked in everything from my recent shopping trip in bangkok (except my soirees), which was pleasantly fruitful. i'm afraid to declare that this really striking neon bag thats maybe an eyesore to those who aren't exactly a fan, is here to stay. well least in room. i'm pretty much still in the whole leather lucite neon mood. do pardon me. was (very) surprisingly pleased and rewarding to find this leather skirt lying amidst the hundreds of shops i've entered. its so perfect, completed with a nice fit and best part? it costs me only 8 bucks (was actually contemplating to buy them in bulk so i could share my feels-like-winning-a-lottery-moment with you girls). in fact i bought two colors, one in black as seen in the above pictures, and the other in wine (seen here).

and yes, i know i look damn pale in the photos. never ever applying nude lipsticks ever when having a shoot. i do try to experiment sometimes #fail. anyhow, have a good weekend. i know i'm working (the cause of my bruise sigh) till sunday 5pm. can't wait for my next off day.


  1. Hello! Could I check with you, does your Soirees fit true to your usual feet size? Have seen conflicting reviews so I'm abit confused. Thanks!!!

    1. hello! omg i don't think i'll help much either. cos i'm a size 5 but i bought size 6 instead coz they didn't come in size 5.

      but i suppose it does fit true to size, cos there's still a little gap when i wear them out - btw are you from sg? if you are, you can check out the new outlet at cineleisure where they are stocked in soirees


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