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Sunday, 21 October 2012

photos by marcus

off on a sunday!!! what seems a norm for almost everyone i know, but i couldn't ask for more knowing how crazy my work schedule can be like. spent my sunday at church and lunch at a pet cafe (which i'll blog about it soon) with my parents, marcus and rover! 

one of my best buys from bangkok was the denim skirt seen above. its high waisted, and perfect fit for a W24. also my newly purchased heels from styledasher :-) been eyeing on these pair of heels even before i tripped down to bangkok hoping to find it. this really comfortable pair (i can trot around rail mall without falling in this) cost me $46.90. which its a little pricey, but i guess its pretty worth. 

oh and do you know the usual flea venue at scape has been revamped! built in air con and a bigger space for the store owners to place their products. head down if you haven't! 


  1. Very inspirational pictures, as always :)

  2. Hey sugar!
    Thanks for the comment you left on my blog.
    Anyway, I really love your last pic!
    & your cap which is has swag written all over it, as much as you and your style.
    Great to know fellow Singaporean fashion bloggers!
    Hope to bump into you somewhere in this small island (:



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