8 days ladies photography workshop with canon

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

last saturday, i was invited by SJ to assist in the 8 days ladies photography workshop. basically model for the hands on session (more at the bottom) sides that, i was given the opportunity to attend the photography workshop too. which i was really hyped about coz i get to learn from the professionals

hosted by Stephanie Carrington, first up was a really inspiring talk by home grown photographer Sim Chi Yin. view her works: chiyinsim.com. i don't know how to describe how i felt sitting in the room and her, just going on and on about her works. its breathtaking and i'm not even exaggerating. she also made a video named: the rat tribewhich i highly recommend for, well reflection purposes

next, was food blogger Dr Leslie Tay (ieatishootipost.sg) dishing out tips and tricks! marco and i learnt quite a fair bit and we put these knowledge to good use during the pm break lol
the first half of the session ended, and the partition walls were removed. nows my turn to werq it <pun!!!> beatrice (beatricetan.com) and i were given a space and roles each. her side was more of the smiley and lovebonito kinda happy. while mine was the emotionless and um, i don't know high fashion maybe? (disclaimer: i'm not self proclaiming anything) haha how cute 
hello sj! 
god...i was so shy/ nervous getting interviewed by steph 
rly enjoyed myself that afternoon. here's to more events like this! *cheers* 


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