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Monday, 19 November 2012

off white fur jacket c/o younghungryfree
FUZZYYY WUZZYYY CAME OUT TO PLAY TODAY. but it started to rain after half hour of play time :( so fuzzy wuzzy summer sunshine paradise was short lived............ok hi. i feel a little dislluional after receiving this fur jacket from younghungryfree. and no prize for guessing what i named it. (its fuzzzyyy wuzzzzyyyyy!!!)(omg shut up desiree) 

it took me some time to conceptualize and style this look. as the fur jacket is visually heavy on the top, i didn't want to add weight on the bottom, neither did i want to leave it bare (aka wearing shorts/ skirts). i figured it was best to balance them out with pants. so here's the final piece. i hope you all like it :-) 

short update about my life: work's so far so good. i'm starting to enjoy whatever i'm doing. praise the Lord. over the weekends, i had two 5 am shifts. i literally had to leave home at 4am just to get my ass to work. not to mention, the first night i couldn't sleep a wink coz i was too darn scared i would be late for work. but i guess, its all in the name of experience. 
& majorrr love to my photographer gee (instagram: markamura) xx


  1. I love your taste when it comes to fashion

  2. love how the outfit turned out :)

  3. AWWWW SO SWEET ^^ hehhehee you're so pretty!! :)

  4. awww so pretty ^^ you two so cute pls hehe~

  5. PERFECTION. Love the whole look and those shoes are absolutely killer.

    XO Chelsea

  6. It's great that I found your blog. You have cool style. And it's nice to see fur worn without being too fluffy!

    I am following you now! Looking forward to your next posts.

    Have a lovely weekend

    Naty Ponders Style Blog
    Chachamisu Photography Blog


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