Tuesday, 13 November 2012

hello. just a really short update on what i was up to last night. dinner with marco at ippudo tao, located along muhammad sultan road. m's first book out! thank god for public holidays (thank god for indians really) ippudo is one of my favorite ramen places to go, the meat is really really good it literally melts in your mouth. was telling m last night, that this is the only fat content meat i'll ever eat and be willing to embrace (its seriously so good!!!)
my midnight movie get up. m booked tickets to watch skyfall at grand cathay (my favorite cinema) love love the movie and adele's vocals, haha it felt like i was watching a music video initially. but its okay i enjoyed myself. indeed a very bond movie (gorgeous girls, firing guns and good lucks)
bought Elle magazine after the movie, at 711 because i was bored (haha what a reason)
and my baby just trimmed his fur!!!! 


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