how to: smoked salmon with cherry apples and dill cream

Sunday, 4 November 2012

during my time spent in operations, i would chat with the chefs and try to learn a thing or two on how the ordered dishes were being prepped, and a little amazed and enticed by the exotic dish names. like "fresh kumamoto oyster with wasabi yogurt creme lime zest" "pan seared wagyu beef" - i face this everyday.

and, rly the name is just there to entice. its actually pretty simple! so today, introducing: smoked salmon with cherry apples and dill cream
what you'll need: 
1. smoked salmon (seafood section)(apparently Norwegian salmon's are the best. said so the step mother played by Jennifer Coolidge in the cinderella story)(i replayed that movie like 30 over times till the dvd player spoilt loljk)
2. sour cream (dairy section) 
3. apples (fruits section)(duh)(we bought 3 but only used 2)
4. dill (herbs & spices section)

heres what you do. to get a quick 10 mins i don't feel like eating alot today but i wanna eat something nice fix
groceries shopping at cold storage, total bill was about $20+ 
slap some sour cream into a soup bowl, and you definitely need more than this amount (basically, the amount of apples you want to consume, determines the amount of sour cream you'll need/ and also it depends on how light or creamy you want it to taste)
add some dill into the sour cream. dill has this slight bitter taste to it (and apparently it claims to cure insomnia btw: read). in my opinion this two combination, the sourness is even out by the slight bitterness. i repeat. slight bitterness
marco helped "diced" the apples, and i was like omg so huge cannot. so i took the liberty to dice it further into smaller pieces while marco snaps away (size of the diced apples vary to your preferences)
get a nice salad bowl, and mix the diced apples and sour cream together. mix them well. 
once done, neatly placed your salmon on the apples. or in whatever creative presentation manner that would earn you more than 50 likes on instagram. best served chilled. 
and viola, enjoy! do let me know if you tried/ loved it! xx


  1. hey there desiree :-)
    i was wondering if is there any form of cooking required of the salmon? or do you just serve them straight out from the refrigerator?

    1. hello! nope there is no form of cooking required for smoked salmons. as it has already been cured/ aka processed. yup so its fine serving it straight out from the packaging/ refrigerator.


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