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Sunday, 4 November 2012

if. your first reaction was: how the hell did i ended up in the stadium posing. my reply would be: because it was dark, i was bored and um, the stadium has awesome lightings. or so i thought. 

but the real reason was that i refuse to be exhausted (defeated) from work, so i made marco drive me to the nearby stadium and after which to run some errands in town hehe. minutes later when we started shooting, some stadium dude told us to leave because theres "no photography is allowed"(which i don't get why. its not like tiger David Beckham or Ronaldo is here anyway) so here's 15 minutes of hard work. we tried. photos by my darling boy who's in camp now, who's batt left 10% (no idea how we're gon contact for the next 10 days grr)


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