my christmas

Thursday, 27 December 2012

been prancing around in shades of greens and reds as of lately. yeah its the time of the year where gifts are exchanged, christmas carols are sung and friends get baptized. my christmas....was honestly. none of what i had imagined at the beginning of this year. but well. all things come and go. maybe its about time i get my ego down and apologized to my parents - we stopped communicating for the past two months......yeah ikr? okay. enough of me.

i hope you all had a very merry christmas, and have a blessed new year ahead :-) shout out to all you faithful readers: thank you so so much for following/ reading/ stalking (just jk)/ supporting this blog for the longest time! couldn't have made anything without you all :')

2013's gonna be big (hopefully!)(cross fingers)(i'm still stuck at internship till end of feb)(marco and i are already in the midst of setting up (omg is my secret a little too obvious?!) by God's grace, all plans will run smoothly <3


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