Wednesday, 9 January 2013

necklace: lovisa | skirt: madeupapparels | cut out boots c/o styledasher 

i feel a little home sick right now. home as in bangkok. the four days have been amazing and adventurous. even though i've been to bangkok almost every six months or so. i never ever get sick of it. i love this country. it excites and scares me at the same time. from the really dark and quiet alley to people watching and finding little joys when seeing the citizens here are so happy with what they have even though its not much. 

we spent the morning shooting at a nearby railway track, it was fun. we saw a lady walking her dog, a man feeding a dog which was hiding under boxes :( and running back to the main road every time we hear the oncoming train to back.


  1. Hi, what your face wash routine? What face wash do u use? :)

    1. hello i'm using peterthomasroth chamomile cleansing lotion - and thats basically just it


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