car park calamity

Monday, 28 January 2013

knitted wine skirt and pony badge c/o geometrikal | heels: styledasher

today's super trippy with the insane location i was given to shoot at. the slopes to the car park was pretty steep i was so bloody nervous. gruesome death scenes from final destination kept replaying when marc drove up hill. thank God we made it out alive. met sufi and crew for the first time - and we shot for sufi's fyp project. super excited to see the end product! 

ugh i hate how weekends pass in a blink. i spent mine nibbling away at the epicurean market, and appreciating the art pieces at art stage sg. yay to celebrity chef food and complimentary passes! now back to monday :(

p/s: shout out to chessia for sending me these lovely badges! i used to be a badge collector kinda girl - that stopped and let all my badges rot away in a handmade japanese clay bowl. but mmm, these new badges i received kinda prompt me to dig out my old ones..........


  1. everything about your look just makes me smile ^ ^

  2. final destination, bleeh. Thank you know I see people get killed by all those creepy things :'D.

    Lovely outfit ^^.


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