Dinner at Jones the Grocer

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

last sunday, marc fetched me from work and we headed to jones the grocer for dinner in celebratory of our 7th month together (ha ha ha so lame, personally i feel its just a legit excuse to go out on a /fancy/ date and dinner) and coz 1. ippudo is forever crowded 2. i was crazy starving 3. been dying to dine at jones the grocer for the longest of time. so i suppose you could conclude why we ended up here (maybe i did drag marc in a little, maybe) 

the boy had coq au vin - red wine braised and roasted chicken in short. while i had rigatoni pasta - made the decision to have this just coz the word veal /sort of/ caressed my tastebuds. ugh on a totally random note, i need an escargot fix soon, which sadly jones the grocer does not serve. so back to my pasta, i know it doesn't exactly look visually pretty, but holy, trust me - i literally went like omg marco marco you gotta try this!!! mm!!! - ask him. the texture of the veal was real soft (btw its meat from a baby cow/ calf)(lol now i feel like a guilty monster for indirectly killing an innocent baby cow......)


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