Dripping Diamonds

Sunday, 13 January 2013

jewel studded top c/o kayleykate | necklace: lovisa | metallic skirt: bangkok | loafers: the editors market | pouch: naraya 

was quite tempted to title this as - diamonds in the dark. legit cos i'm wearing (fake) diamonds/ jewels and it was about to rain when we started shooting, and sure riri's latest song is definitely addictive. but i'll go easy on the cheesiness. it was a i'm having bad sore throat but still running errands kinda day for marc and i. once done, we were sort of starving and craving for tom yam goong, so we both decided to kill our throats further at aroy dee (actually i was so bent on getting another day of mc but it didn't work sigh) and um, sorry for the slightly overexposed second last photo with cropped out hands - i'm so happy with my new naraya pouch! its official, i'm so collecting naraya's pouches every time i'm in bkk. 


  1. You look so happy in the second to last photo though (hence overriding any slight overexposing of course.) Hope you've had a lovely start to the week xx


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