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Sunday, 20 January 2013

top: madeupapparels | shorts c/o redpoppiezlabel 

anyone feeling the lunar spirit yet? i'm pretty sure my Facebook's timeline has. its crazy flooded with an array of cheong sams manufactured by shop x / shop y / shop z, i don't even know if i should be buying the idea or just mindlessly follow suit by purchasing one. still not feeling it? but gotta look all presentable as requested by your parents? dress down a little in this nude lace shorts i'm wearing then! its so apt for the lunar new year, and still wearable after that (i like my apparels versatile).  

side note, i've recently agreed to collaborate with red poppiez label under their fashionista program! and fret not, you won't be reading all that "buy this buy that shop now shop that" hard core selling from me. i'm still here :-) but maybe i'll just drop you girls a little fyi that goes like - redpoppiezlabel will be launching a new collection tmr afternoon! go ch ch check out if you can! 

ha. okay! turning in now. love y'all. 


  1. So cute! love the shorts :) youre photos are great

    Camille xx

  2. I love all your fashion posts! ^^

  3. Enjoyed all your photos. Very very cute outfit!

  4. Love your bag! ♥.♥ just started reading your blog and it got me real hooked! Lovely you with stylish pictures.


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