Cut Outs

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

twirling around in public with a huge ass birthday balloon was - bloody attention seeking. but its all i suppose excusable because i never felt this ecstatic for long time. i'm wearing one of my favorite dress from asos, bought one two years back. this dress isn't worn as often because of its cut outs at the side / making it not exactly appropriate for school or any casual occasion, while on the contrary its totally apt for zouk. also, a little twist in the overall outfit was my pair of balenciaga esque cut out boots from styledasher. i decided to gave it a go sign because 1. it was lacking of attention / pretty sure it was grumbling in my shoe closet 2. cut outs + cut outs? heaven matched.


  1. Hi!

    Where did you get the black dress? It's gorgeous!

  2. great outfit dear, happy birthday to you :)

  3. Hoorah, birthday balloon! (:

    1. Hey Krys! Haha yeah in replacement for the um, birthday cake

  4. Hi! How much was your cut out boots from style dasher?


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