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Friday, 1 February 2013

dress: topshop | turban headband: madeupapparels

attended the elle horoscope party held at arteastiq (mandarin gallery) just this thursday with amanda and hilary. it was a night of fortune reading from zodiac signs to tarot cards. had my fair share using crystal stones with paul from renae & paul. and for a person who does not believe in such - the experience was honestly. sick. the first question paul asked after i placed all the crystal stones on the card was - "did you just came back from an overseas trip and will be going again" - i immediately went wtf. he went on telling me i'm financially tight (true) and i'm not focused in whatever i'm doing now (which is also true coz i swear i just want to end my internship asap) but in any case, not dwelling on it, us girls were cracking up jokes and wondering if they did a thorough background check on everyone before the event. ha.

i was all gypsy inspired with the headband on, and absolutely adoring my new emperor shimmer emerald dress from topshop. i think i overdressed a little.


  1. Love the slit skirt from your collection but too pricey. :( btw you are really pretty, stay this way!

    1. hey dear, i hope you understand that ive just started out and not earning much either. sides! slit skirts are staples - you can keep wearing them and never get sick of, not to mention the material is good too! and to save you $3 of shipping cost, we can do a meet up! :-)

  2. The gypsy thing and horoscope event ties in so well with the headband - so cute on you! Now you can be officially one of the members of the fortune tellers hahaha

    ♡ Jaslin from http://justjaslin.blogspot.sg/

    1. yeah! i too thought they compliment pretty well with each other, can totally pull off as a tarot card reader with the turban headband on! Ha!


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