Flea with Made Up Apparels

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

after weeks of preparation, we finally had our first flea at scape level 4! we reached there at about 12, and half of the venue was already filled with vendors! damn kiasu i swear. but ok, after we picked a spot we started to set up. time passed real quickly when you've such lovely friends to visit time to time 
amanda! thank you so much for the masks from korea 
pamela brought cupcakes! 
the organizer from forfleasake featured us on their instagram!  
our model, kriz came to visit us after her soccer practice 

our photographer and my neighbor, henry! 

ever so supportive parents who bought lunch / dinner for marc and i 
our after flea faces! we packed up and started nomming away. mad hungry. once customers started streaming in we barely had time for food! yup it was that crazy but its all worth it! i also want to thank marc's parents, sister and relatives for helping us transport all the stocks from outta the car and into the car again  i like how so much planning is required, and then it being executed very nicely! damn, i sometimes do miss being an events student 
thank you so so much once again for supporting us!


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