La Senza / Bangkok Jam

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


worked at the la senza event that was happening at ion on the 13 April. it was a public event, so anyone could enter, shop and get lots of discounts that the store was offering. at about 4 in the afternoon, models started to parade around in lingerie. it was so epic catching everyone going like O:<!!!! 

after the event marc and i had dinner at bangkok jam, wheelock. it was my third consecutive day having tom yam noodles for dinner. can't get enough >< so hows the food like? i find the tom yam soup pretty average 3/5, the soup tasted like a maggi mee brand my parents purchase from the supermarket. while on the other hand, the beef noodle is superb 4.5/5 all its lacking is some crispy crackers to go along with it. 


  1. Hey, why do Your course no fyp project?

  2. hey, i've completely no clue - gotta ask my program chair on that


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