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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

holla. a lot of you've been asking me what iPhone application i use to edit my recent picture shown above. and because its not exactly the all access editing kinda app, so today i'll be guiding you through the steps to achieve similar looking pictures!
step 1: download "picsart" & open this link in your safari: http://makennasnyder.tumblr.com/tagged/getmsoverlays, save the images you wish to use
step 2: click on photo > gallery > select the picture you wish to edit 

step 3: once selected, you'll be on this page. next, click on + add and select the ms overlay you wish to input 

step 4: adjust the size / place it where you want it to be. change normal -> screen. ready? click on the tick to confirm. and viola! ;-)


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