Friday, 31 May 2013

i'm finally a diploma holder. this three year long journey was definitely not easy; traveling to school takes least an hour and carrying my laptop to school everyday wasn't a breeze either, but one thing it taught me was perseverance. i met the nicest and funniest people in year 3 , not to mention the facilitators i had were all so charming in their little ways. & though our grades dropped like crazy because of business law and stressed the fuck out because of reports and project works, we all pulled through together. 

i remember those days where i was introduced to the oppo gangnam style video at 8pm while trying to finish up a report in the school canteen. found kana's indian dot stickers in her wallet and started pasting it on our foreheads. always buying green milk tea (and introducing the drink to my classmates) from south food court till the auntie recognized me and before i could order she would ask "the usual?". cheese hotdogs. chicken mushroom pies. dry ban mian. western food. field trips. hospitality revenue really suck. recording a viral video to promote chinatown right smacked in the hot sun. listening to lynn yue's flight stories. ms faith ng's obsession with hello kitties. building counters in 6 mins for uts. building a 3x3 booth with helmets, ladders and muscles. mr rama showing us his thaipusam pictures. study trip to hong kong. ordering crispy pork without permission and devouring them in a minute. jumping on beds after a visit to lan kwai feng at 3am. seth's sampan hat video. running in the rain with siew chen. having heart to heart talks on train with carmen. 24/7 bimbo moments with ying si. i really loved and cherished all the memories we had ♡ 

i often get this question: "how did i survive in rp?" well, i always had these couple of mantras in me /make the while worth, just do it, stay sane, survive and fuck off from school/ it kinda help me bit by bit. hope it does for you too. well, good bye republic polytechnic! 


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