Dad, I'm Home

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

i embarked on a project featuring my dad while doing up my portfolio to lasalle. my dad is a man of few words, well sometimes. he nags at me almost everyday in different means (i.e. face to face, calls and text messages), but mostly because i know he loves and cares for me. truth is, i haven't been living with my dad since i was primary 3? my grades were failing, and i hardly had much supervision from him due to his work nature so it came to a conclusion that i had to move in with my mom instead.

ever since my grandparents passed on, my dad has been living alone. i do stay over some times when i was younger, but hardly ever now. i'm always giving the excuse that i'm busy with this and that, though i'm really not to sure what i'm busy with. just attended a wake last week, and the thought struck me again. life is so unpredictable. i always thought that my parents are superheroes when i was younger, powerful and fearless as they never seem to be tired from working or providing for me. and as i grow towards adulthood, i realize how messed up the working world can be, i still have so much to learn sigh.

our parents are aging. take time to notice, relive memories together & cherish. happy fathers day, dad. this post is dedicated to you.


  1. Aww this is such a sweet post, my heart just melted. Yes, we really need to give time to our parents too, we are always so busy growing and learning with something that sometimes we forgot that our parents are growing/aging too. We have diff parents, but they are the best in their own ways. <3

    xx Diana


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