Family Day at Labrador Park

Sunday, 2 June 2013

we had family day with the church at labrador park on the first morning of june. my mom's friend care off her sons to us on friday night, and they had a sleep over at my place. we left for labrador park at about 8am. i didn't expect myself to enjoy the morning activity, but i did. the 4 hour get away from electronics and whats not, just pure bonding session with your loved ones. it was pretty refreshing. 

thats rover's pram by the way. my parents take rover on long walks every weekend, starting point from my place to vivo city / mount faber / botanic gardens by foot. i'm amazed and embarrassed by their energy. i always wish i had that amount of enthusiasm for long morning walks with my dog, but i honestly don't. i rather curl up in my blanket and sleep the morning away. anyway, it sounds a little cray + lame but i created an instagram account for rover. more visuals of him over at roverthetoypoodle ♡ 


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