State of Depravity

Sunday, 23 June 2013

fedora hat: h&m | sheer panel top: madeupapparels | skirt: asos 
shot by marco

no guessing to what i'll be penning down today. to the locals reading, yeah i'm equally affected by the haze as you are. i really hate the thought that air, everyone's survival essential was robbed away from us just days ago along with freedom and pink health. like any other singaporeans, i minimized my outdoor activity, stayed home, switched on my air con and air purifier and watched csi / ellen degeneres / wipe out religiously. once in a while i would notice the haze slowly engulfing concrete by concrete, reading the uproars on twitter and constantly checking on national environment website for psi level updates.

can the prime minister call it a state of emergency already? just kidding, drama queen am out. and instead of feeding into all the negativity thats been going around in the social media, why not take care of others instead? a dollar fifty herbal tea will make a hell lot of difference to a stranger thats living on the streets. "you shall love your neighbor as yourself" quoted from the bible. so go and take care of your health guys! drink lots of water and buy all N95 masks...! #kiasu #kiasi #singaporestyle

today's today's today's weather was definitely way better thanks to the wind direction, and prayers. feeling moody still i decided to deck in black. i'm slowly venturing into experimenting with shapeless / asymmetrical apparels and so far i kinda like it....


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