Corduroy & Wine

Friday, 5 July 2013

corduroy pinafore: topshop | striped top: fox | satchel: aldo
shot by marco

its been 27 weeks, and i finally got down to featuring these lovely pinafores from topshop. i love the whole british class vibe the pinafore gives, i completed the look with a satchel (very british), fedora hat (google says french) and bottega-esque loafers (its italian). whats probably missing is two glasses of freshly squeezed lemonade, a picnic mat and a mitch albom read. maybe a white pony would be ideal too. 

anyway! i've been staying up late to give the whole blog a slightly new and organized look. love it? please say yes? my sleepless nights will be comforted with nods of approval. hey its finally friday! what are your plans for the weekends? ;-) 


  1. I love how your blog looks now, great job!
    And, of course, really beautiful photos and outfit.
    Have a wonderful weekend!



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