Where Night is Blind

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

military jacket: H&M | toga dress: city plaza | earrings: bangkok

watched the phantom of the opera on sunday with marc, and it was brilliant. before today's show - i made marc watch poto movie with me just to recap what the whole show was about, and as for him it was his first :-) the night before, i was cracking my head on what to wear & started ransacking my closet for anything appropriate. i found this never worn before toga dress bought 3 years back. my 17 year old self has done well *pats on back*

& i'm so thankful that my instagram (@decadentdrama) has hit 2,000+ followers over the week! it isn't alot. but its a start ;-) thank you for the continuous support! 


  1. I like the dress and how you styled it with the blazer! I sent you a message on What I Wear, hope that we will be cooperating xoxo ES
    www.liveyourpassion.gr (personal blog)
    www.passionforxoxoes.com (corporate blog)

  2. you look gorgeous!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)



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