Meet Pancake!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

black midi skirt ℅ unravvel | watch ℅ super dry | pancake: candies gifts
photos by marc 

after seeing tina leung's street shot, i've been dreaming about having pancake in my wardrobe. sending major xoxo to gideon who managed to hunt them (pancake + other phone casings) in hk ♥ in other news. unravvel sent over a black midi skirt (which i have been dying to get also). this black midi skirt is so versatile! i wore it to school the first time, with a sleeveless band tee looking top and converse. love how it fits me so well! you know if i'd love something i'd recommend it - so do check out this store, love the products they have brought in. quote my name to get 10% off your purchase ;-)


  1. Super cool pics just amazing
    I liked your blog :D

  2. hi desiree!! where did you get your hat from?

    1. hi! its from Bangkok. not sure if H&M still sells them though, coz my previous one was from there :-)


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