Wednesday, 26 March 2014

 necklace and jeans ℅ bxtwxxn | heels: jeffery campbell 

saturday morning quick errand running before i head off to another beauty event organised by shiseido - i have so many overdue blog posts / freebies i have received from the company, i'm feeling tad guilty not to share with you guys!

yay - i finally have my hands on a pair of distressed denim jeans! styled with a white mandarin collar shirt, and lucite heels. i think the key to pulling off baggy jeans is to wear heels as it will elongate your legs. i get questions on whether i have found my perfect denim jeans - well not exactly. theres still some alterations needed to be done, else it'll look terribly baggy on me (hashtag petite problems). bxtwxxn has brought in loads of distressed denims on their pre order site, hope you managed to find your perfect pair :-)

oh and, i'm not sure if you noticed but this set of images were edited differently as compared to my previous outfit posts. i kinda find it slightly too warm for my liking :-( its so frustrating because it looks ok on my mac, but when i upload it onto blogger the colour is so meh. love it hate it?


  1. Personally love the way these pictures are edited! Possible tutorial anytime? :)

    Drop by sometime,

    1. Hi Erin,

      Thanks for the suggestion! Will definitely do one when I have the time :-)

  2. Hey!

    If you upload your photos onto blogger via Picasa web album, maybe the images look different because Google+ photos auto-enhances some photos automatically. Not sure if that's the case for you but I faced a similar problem; the photos look pretty decent on my comp but the colour turns weird after I've uploaded it onto blogger. After I reverted the auto-enhanced photos back to their original state, all's good for me. Hope this helps!



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