[Beauty Review] Shiseido Aqualabel Special Gel Cream

Monday, 5 May 2014

its been awhile since i last shared a beauty review, and as you know i'm more of a skin care person than cosmetics  so in today's post i will be sharing with you girls why i am so impressed with this product from shiseido.

just last week (after acknowledging the fact that my skin is in a horrible state and reading some reviews from sites) i decided to give the shiseido aqua label special gel cream a try out, and i swore i saw results from the first day of application.

01 a five in one cream formulated with high amount of concentrated collagen and can be used as a lotion, emulsion, essence, cream and mask all at once. the high function gel cream with plenty of concentrated collagen is a source of plump suppleness to your skin.

02 water soluble collagen  greatly improves skin's ability to retain moisture and enhances overall elasticity

03 hydrolyzed collagen  increases the density of collagen fibroblasts thereby optimising firmness of skin

04 double hyaluronic acid  high moisture effect

05 jelly like formula that absorbs into skin easily

using it as a sleeping mask, take about a twenty cent worth of gel and apply on face.

personal thoughts about the product
it locks in moisture really well and has greatly reduced the redness around my t-zone area. i like to keep the product chilled in the fridge, and apply it before going to bed  it feels SO GOOD to pamper yourself after a long day and honestly i feel that my skin is in a happier state than before. highly recommended if your skin is suitable!


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