Baseball Wrap

Thursday, 19 June 2014

so. a few posts ago, i featured this high crew neck dress paired with a leopard print sling and pony hair slip ons (yup its here). in this outfit, which i wore to the hashtag-eatdrinkart event held at mad nest, i wrapped an oversized baseball jacket around my waist to give the overall silhouette an added volume and texture on the lower half. the neoprene fabric of the baseball jacket takes form and gives a nice structure which i'm thankful about. and cheers to new hair! i'm totes through with having blonde hair.


  1. awww, love the photos--the umph really comes out!

  2. You've got an angelic face, very pretty if I may say so :)
    Fashionable outfit! You rock girl! :) Glad I found you!

  3. where's the bomber jacket in your latest instagram post from? :-)

    1. its from styledasher, but its currently sold out.

  4. Hello,
    Your fashion sense is really good:-)
    am still studying in secondary school, aspire to be a designer in time to come hope to ask how do you go into the
    fashion industry? and which path I should take if I want to go there?:-)


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